List of Work

Below is a list of completed plays.  For information about producing or reading these scripts please contact me HERE.


Real Dead Ghosts: 1M/1W

Graham and Amber are a young married couple who promise to spend their anniversary in a secluded cabin away from work, friends and other distractions. But disappointments, secrets and regrets bubble to the surface when they're haunted by past choices and future responsibilities. A modern day ghost story. Unfinished business kind of shit. 


Sharks of Montana:  5M/1W

The story of feuding paleontologists in the Gilded Age.


The Land Whale Murders:  4M/2W

A Victorian detective adventure involving pirates, birds, and Teddy Roosevelt


Feed a Fever, Starve and Artist: 5M/2W

The follow up to The Land Whale Murders finds Eugene back in action against an artists plot to create a painting that will throw the world into war. 


Bitsy & Mimsy Best Friends:  2M/2W

A strange lunch break between best friends. 


The Wendigo:  4M/2W

Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and others work to defeat a mythical beast in Ohio


Deus Machina Ex or Eleanor Roosevelt vs. The God Machine: 5W/2M

The first lady must stop the evil Order of the Trygon from destroying the world.


Sousepaw:  1M/1W

A broke-down baseball player thinks he has one last chance at stardom, so he hires the Reptile Girl from the local circus to keep him sober and company during a long night in Texas. 


How to Shoot a Bull Moose: 2M

Aging President Theodore Roosevelt wants to spend the day working on his memoirs but a reporter with a grudge won't leave him alone.


My Father is a Tetris Game:  6W

A young girl goes missing trying to find a message from her dead father via the video game Tetris. 


Thomas Jefferson Plays it Safe:  6M

Former presidents class in a farcical comedy set in Monticello.


Luck of the Ibis:  3W/2M

A former girl detective tries to find her lost sister while dealing with an evil shrimp boat captain, a chupacabra, and the Ur-Shrimp.


 Age of Discovery: 8M/5W

A world and time spanning adventure about just about everything. 


Glow:  7W

The sad tale of the Radium Girls, who died because they painted the glowing numbers onto watch faces. 


Suriname: 3M/2W

A strange hotel in Suriname is home to an eel scientist, an invalid upstatirs, and guests up to no good.  Ridiculous


The Jew and the Demon: 2M/1W

The story of a young Jew who goes on a mythical quest to the land of the demons only to return to a destroyed world that he must figure out the cause of. 

Short Plays:

Stalin The Inevitable: 2M/2W

A corporate excutive realizes he is transforming into Josef Stalin. 


Portrait of Greatness: Warren G. Harding:  3M/1W

A day in the life of President Warren G. Harding


The Tragedae of the Old Woman Who Lived in Birnam Wood During the Reign of the False King MacBeth: 2W/2M

A sad tale nestled in between the events of Shakespeare's MacBeth. 


The Weirdness of New Jersey:


A housewife must journey across the Garden State to save it from a dark curse. 

There are also over 50 short pieces that have been featured at Ephemerama which has been seen at: The Magnet Theater, The Traverse City Comedy Festival, The Prop Theater and others.  For a sample of those plays please visit: